BCThubs presentation @ European Archaeology Days (EAD) – Malta

BCThubs was presented at the European Archaeology Days (EAD) in Malta, by the Maltese Superintendence of Cultural Heritage (SCH). The EAD is a widely recognized event, which celebrates the various facets of archaeology through yearly organized public events. In 2021, SCH took on the role as the National Coordinator in Malta for EAD organisation. The event took place in Malta on 17 June 2023, providing a 360° exploration of Salina Bay as both a natural reserve and a rich cultural zone, defined by the anthropological and archaeological activity across millennia. Visitors were able to participate in an exhilarating VR experience which immersed viewers into the underwater archaeology world of Malta. In addition, finds from recent land-based and underwater excavations were displayed. 

A BCThubs information desk was placed at the entrance hall of the venue, visualizing a BCThubs poster board, and making available project flyers, brochures, and post cards (with QR code of BCThubs web site and social media accounts). At the same time a BCThubs video was iteratively displayed on a digital panel, illustrating the scope of the project, the main aims, the partners, etc.; encouraging potential stakeholders present at the EAD event to endorse the Maltese project Hub.