BCThubs in the European Maritime Day (EMD) Svendborg, Denmark | 30-31 May 2024

BCThubs was present at the European Maritime Day (EMD), which was organized from May 30th to 31, 2024, in Svendborg, Denmark by the European Commission, the Municipality of Svendborg and the Danish Maritime Authority. EMD is the annual two-day event during which Europe’s maritime community meet to network, discuss and forge joint action. 

The project was represented by ATLANTIS Consulting, Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, and AquaBioTech Group, who jointly organised a BCThubs booth (21). BCThubs was part of a place where ‘Ocean Leaders Meet’. It provided an engaging and interactive experience to catch up on the current state of play on a broad range of issues concerning the blue economy and the marine environment and to discuss ways of moving forward.

BCThubs project communication material was showcased over these two days, including BCThubs brochures, the project video presentation, and the project’s WP2 poster. Dissemination material was shared with relevant stakeholders and visitors as project representative were engaged to foster connections in terms of innovative technologies and services in line with Research and Innovation, and to strategize collective stakeholder efforts towards advancing Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) collaborations and co-creating solutions for a sustainable blue economy. The main objective of the project’s participation in EMD was dedicated to BCT ecosystem establishment and to increase the number of stakeholders wishing to join BCThubs Ecosystem. During the exhibition, various thematic workshops and B2B meetings were held, where BCThubs with ATLANTIS Consulting were present.

While discussing collaborations with stakeholders, the participating project partners introduced BCThubs R&I Solutions aiming to develop technology prototypes for supporting UW research work; improving on-site and remote accessibility of UWCH; safeguarding UWCH assets;  promoting health & safety of divers in UW missions including 4 main pillars:

  • UW research supporting services/capabilities, Modelling & reconstruction of opto-acoustic seafloor DTMs/photomosaics integrating remote sensing, High- resolution Electro-resistivity and Shallow water sediment coring.
  • Services for improving on-site and remote accessibility including exploring VR for enabling remote accessibility to UWCH and augmented diving capability based on acoustic communication/localization.
  • UWCH assets’ safeguarding services/capabilities covering the aspects of 4D models & real-time streams, combined with AI-based comparative analysis for UWCH assets safeguarding.
  • And the UW health & safety services/capabilities, Divers’ physiological monitoring, BLE multi-point communication, DRA.

Finally, the project partners (ATLANTIS, SCH and ABT) informed EMD stakeholders about the project’s upcoming 1st International Conference to be held in Volos, Greece to bring onboard quadruple helix stakeholders submitting multidisciplinary scientific papers (Call for papers communicated). SCH and ABT were also invited to attend other organised conferences focusing on Blue Economy.

We are also grateful to the EMD organising committee for their warm welcome and support, to our potential collaborators and valued stakeholders who visited our stand and who are excited to join our BCThubs momentum from a #quadruple helix-approach and to #dive in new discoveries.